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Jan. 28, 2022. Joseph Pagano Band delights fans with the intoxicating indie-rock song, Damned.”


Jan. 28, 2022. Get swayed by the incredible storytelling of Joseph Pagano Band in the Indie-Rock song Damned”

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Jan. 22, 2022.  Joseph Pagano band has brought back the real essence of rock music. The latest song ‘Damned’ released in January 2022 is a highly influential song of the genre. NJ singer and songwriter Joseph Pagano has come up with a five-minute chartbuster track ‘Damned‘. The song will remind you of the flavors of authentic rock music. So, if you are a lover of pure rock songs, this particular music release is definitely going to entertain you. The song was composed and written during the Covid. The right understanding of the genre of the artist makes the song an expressive piece that people can easily connect to. Joseph Pagano is himself a worldwide acclaimed music composer and songwriter. In his attribute, he has songs like ‘Take Me’, ‘More Friends in Heaven’, and ‘Time and colors’. The passionate artist has created one of the highly energized rock songs ever made. The use of cymbals, drums, bass, and electric guitars can be felt with high rhythm and intensity. The record has been mastered by Audio Mixing Mastering in the Netherlands. However, Joseph is undoubtedly a multi-talented artist who knows playing different instruments like – guitar, bass, ukulele, drum, synthesizer, and keyboards. This six and half minutes long recording is now available on all digital platforms. Also, you can check his Spotify playlist to listen to ‘Damned’. However, Joseph Pagano keeps updating his official website and Instagram account to make his fans stay connected to his musicality.” - Alicia Parker


Joseph Pagano Airs His Unfettered Emotion in the Latest Track, "Damned." 

(Los Angeles, CA) January 20th, 2022 – Fresh out of the oven, Joseph Pagano Band offers the latest creation, "Damned," on all major music platforms. Featuring creative and entertaining hooks, this five-minute indie-rock production was completed during COVID. Beginning with the line, ''I was looking for something I wanted to be, I was looking for someone just like me,'' the track delivers profound and expressive prose that connects straight away with the listeners on a different level. The powerful intro then builds up to the chorus and relatable lyrics such as, “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, damned if I will, damned if I won’t.” 

Critically-acclaimed Joseph Pagano is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey whose latest track "Damned" follows previous acclaimed singles such as "Take Me" (2020) and "More Friends In Heaven (Than in Hell)" (2017). Previous EPs "Graveyard of Dreams" and "Time and Colors" paved the way for his nod as the #1 featured artist on WOA Records Independent #1's Volume 8. And his distinctive and high-quality sounds landed him in the top 5 radio play on WGLS-FM NJ USA and the top 20 in 2 other markets. 

One of Joseph's greatest inspirations was completing a 22 performance 3-state USA tour in December 2016. He also credits his pre-covid performances in New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago as career highlights. His music reflects his authentic nature and consists of all original tracks written, arranged, recorded, produced, and mastered in his studio in New Jersey, with the latest record ‘’Damned’’ being mixed and mastered by Audio Mixing Mastering in the Netherlands. To add to his accolades, Joseph plays guitar, ukulele, bass, keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. He has also attended the Grammy Awards 2020 in Los Angeles as a fourth-year voting academy member. 

"Damned" is now streaming everywhere, including Spotify. For more information on Joseph Pagano Band, visit the website and Instagram handle.

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"Jan. 22, 2022. Joseph Pagano Band Is Here Again To Enthrall Their Fans With Their Latest Single “Damned.” New Jersey-based band Joseph Pagano has released a brand new song titled “Damned.” Joseph Pagano’s latest single, “Damned,” is hot off the press and boasts inventive and engaging hooks. Influenced by indie-rock, this five-minute song was completed during COVID. Starting with the words, “I was looking for something I wanted to be, I was looking for someone just like me,” the music delivers insightful and passionate lyrics that interact with listeners on a deeper level. “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, damned if I will, damned if I won’t,” the chorus begins, with relatable lines like “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, damned if I will, damned if I won’t.” “Damned” was written, composed, recorded, produced, and processed at Joseph Pagano’s New Jersey studio, with Audio Mixing Mastering in the Netherlands mixing and mastering it. This song has a distinct appeal that immediately draws in listeners."  - G. Gulati.

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"Jan. 22, 2022. New Jersey-Based Joseph Pagano Band Releases Their Latest Single “Damned”. This song has a unique charm that captivates listeners right away." - Jyotsnaa Sharrma


Feb. 25, 2020. Joseph Pagano’s “Take Me” is a single with tons of moxie and pop attitude for an EDM track, but that is probably why it works so well. It doesn’t matter what age group you’re in, or whether or-not you even like EDM music. This is done with the utmost integrity and respect to both ends of the musical spectrum and is something very hard to tire of in its excellent delivery of eclectic sounds. ” - Loren Sperry


Feb. 20. 2020. Joseph Pagano breaks new ground of his own between EDM, R&B and Pop music by combining the two with great results on his single, “Take Me.” The Jersey based songwriter has been around and is no stranger to the industry, but he is coming back from a five-year break. The result is a great effort to get right back to where he started, and “Take Me” goes a long way in proving that. It’s also not easy to just slip right back into the public consciousness with EDM either, as it thrives on the constantly new, but Pagano makes it look very easy. This simplicity comes from knowing his way around a tune and where to place hooks, and EDM is usually not songwriter oriented as much as beat and rhythm tracked. In fact, it’s hard to categorize beyond techno factors and being formulated for the dance floor. But Pagano takes a more mainstream approach and wins the entire game by tastefully combining it with some musicality. It seems to be a young artists game, so his approach brings it into more of an adult contemporary lane but at the same time it contains a world of freshness for both EDM and Pop music lovers. The synth, lyrics/vocals and beat are all well arranged and produced with a sheer flawlessness Pagano’s fans have come to expect, and the way he crafts a song is already a given, as well as already having some EDM style roots dating back to the 80s. This isn’t some newcomer on the block, so to speak, but it’s not old music by any means either. It’s a cutting edge track that Pagano himself has even mentioned the idea of a rock version being possible in the future. “Take Me” has more potential than meats the eye when that is the case. SOUNDCLOUD: This is not just a track to dance to, as already indicated, it’s on another level, one in which Pagano can be proud. It’s like a runway to a brand new start, as the lyrics indicate, although in the romantic sense, but it’s all the same at the end of a good song, which EDM is less steeped in than what Pagano does with it, and the synth work really does the business. Not only can you dance to it, but you can leave it on loop and just listen as well, because of the great crossover appeal. “Take Me” also compliments Pagano’s prior existing works, as it grooves on the same level and blends right into his background as if five years went by in a flash. It’s all about looking for better ways to the heart and getting out of the static ruts. Looking for solace in love and passion instead of negativity, but it’s not as deep as I make it out to be, it’s just that lyrics with meaning in EDM music always helps. That’s what impresses me most about this outstanding track with as much Pop chart as club play accessibility going for it as I’ve ever heard.” - Anne Hollister


Feb. 18, 2020. Some wonderfully nostalgic synth voices, reminiscent of New Life-era Depeche Mode/Yazoo, along with big, buzzing metronomic bass parts and the whole then being overlayed with reverb-drenched vocals make Take Me a fun and energetic song to review. With vocals that sound like MGMT may have taken some time out from their Oracular Spectacular sessions to do a guest spot (and taking the opportunity to go utterly manic!), the episodic arrangement picks out a truly colourful journey. The vocals are used as more of a texture than a distinct presence, articulating a psychedelic and possibly hedonistic sensibility as they encourage us to get lost in the music: ‘Take me / Take me / Medicate Me’. The usual tropes of EDM are present and correct, with builds and drops, but there is also some classic-seeming arrangement and construction behind the rush of energy and enthusiastically-unhinged vocal exclamations: ‘Let go and let me go and let me go and shake it!’. The rhythm is carefully programmed – layered to add flavour and heft so that there’s proper dynamic development throughout. And the choice of bell sounds and chimes (which are so tremendously 80s you can almost smell the hair gel) have some portamento applied to them courtesy of some judicious use of the pitchwheel. Repeat listens reveal a thoughtful episodic structure lashed together with a chugging 80s heart, which allows modern yet dramatic vocals to flutter and shimmer high above. It’s fun, and also comes across as strangely sincere in its unabashed openness and primary-colour aesthetic.” - Chris Porter

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