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Feb. 25, 2020. Joseph Pagano’s “Take Me” is a single with tons of moxie and pop attitude for an EDM track, but that is probably why it works so well. It doesn’t matter what age group you’re in, or whether or-not you even like EDM music. This is done with the utmost integrity and respect to both ends of the musical spectrum and is something very hard to tire of in its excellent delivery of eclectic sounds. There’s a lot of directions to go these days and this is an artist with a laser sharp aim directly at his targets and hits them in the bullseye. The track begins with singing about “looking for a quiet place to make sound,” and proceeds to carry on about it from there, luring the listener into whatever they please. The repetitiveness is a minimal feature as the magic weaves around it with a pop-structured lyric that also borders on some R&B style vocals by Joseph Pagano. The keyboards/synth involvement is heavy, but well played against the vocals for what is an excellent number altogether. It’s not very often that you hear this sort of mainstream attachment to EDM, even though it is a pop-ish genre in spirit. This versatile musician brings strong values to the EDM genre with a mix of that and what he does best, which is overall songwriting, it just fits in a way like that of no other. And this can even be considered a comeback of sorts to his fans, so it serves as a solid one to my ears, which had never heard this talented songwriter before. There is no difficulty is figuring out where it comes from and where it’s going, without already being familiar with him. Now I can say that it’s worth it to look more into what Pagano has been doing all these years. “Take Me” is mesmerizing good, with a hypnotic vibe that won’t quit, particularly in the synth department, and that is why it’s a good introduction to him for me but intriguing all-the more concerning his background. Those who already know his work will likely be pleased and fulfilled after waiting some time for this release, but it delivers to them and a new audience, no question about it. The song almost plays like he’s reluctant to be heard while crafting something new for the people to dance to and hear a message in the process. The identification of being broken is what connects the listener to the artist on this cut with lyrics pertaining to the general discomforts of entertaining a crowd, and that’s what EDM is all about but you usually don’t hear it with such depth. This is something of a trademark Pagano has and it comes out in this song with a clear and present honesty you don’t get from music this dance oriented. It’s also a milestone coming from a male artist who clearly knows how to write and arrange any genre of music chosen, so “Take Me” is executed with the best of ‘em.” - Loren Sperry


Feb. 20. 2020. Joseph Pagano breaks new ground of his own between EDM, R&B and Pop music by combining the two with great results on his single, “Take Me.” The Jersey based songwriter has been around and is no stranger to the industry, but he is coming back from a five-year break. The result is a great effort to get right back to where he started, and “Take Me” goes a long way in proving that. It’s also not easy to just slip right back into the public consciousness with EDM either, as it thrives on the constantly new, but Pagano makes it look very easy. This simplicity comes from knowing his way around a tune and where to place hooks, and EDM is usually not songwriter oriented as much as beat and rhythm tracked. In fact, it’s hard to categorize beyond techno factors and being formulated for the dance floor. But Pagano takes a more mainstream approach and wins the entire game by tastefully combining it with some musicality. It seems to be a young artists game, so his approach brings it into more of an adult contemporary lane but at the same time it contains a world of freshness for both EDM and Pop music lovers. The synth, lyrics/vocals and beat are all well arranged and produced with a sheer flawlessness Pagano’s fans have come to expect, and the way he crafts a song is already a given, as well as already having some EDM style roots dating back to the 80s. This isn’t some newcomer on the block, so to speak, but it’s not old music by any means either. It’s a cutting edge track that Pagano himself has even mentioned the idea of a rock version being possible in the future. “Take Me” has more potential than meats the eye when that is the case. SOUNDCLOUD: This is not just a track to dance to, as already indicated, it’s on another level, one in which Pagano can be proud. It’s like a runway to a brand new start, as the lyrics indicate, although in the romantic sense, but it’s all the same at the end of a good song, which EDM is less steeped in than what Pagano does with it, and the synth work really does the business. Not only can you dance to it, but you can leave it on loop and just listen as well, because of the great crossover appeal. “Take Me” also compliments Pagano’s prior existing works, as it grooves on the same level and blends right into his background as if five years went by in a flash. It’s all about looking for better ways to the heart and getting out of the static ruts. Looking for solace in love and passion instead of negativity, but it’s not as deep as I make it out to be, it’s just that lyrics with meaning in EDM music always helps. That’s what impresses me most about this outstanding track with as much Pop chart as club play accessibility going for it as I’ve ever heard.” - Anne Hollister


Feb. 18, 2020. Some wonderfully nostalgic synth voices, reminiscent of New Life-era Depeche Mode/Yazoo, along with big, buzzing metronomic bass parts and the whole then being overlayed with reverb-drenched vocals make Take Me a fun and energetic song to review. With vocals that sound like MGMT may have taken some time out from their Oracular Spectacular sessions to do a guest spot (and taking the opportunity to go utterly manic!), the episodic arrangement picks out a truly colourful journey. The vocals are used as more of a texture than a distinct presence, articulating a psychedelic and possibly hedonistic sensibility as they encourage us to get lost in the music: ‘Take me / Take me / Medicate Me’. The usual tropes of EDM are present and correct, with builds and drops, but there is also some classic-seeming arrangement and construction behind the rush of energy and enthusiastically-unhinged vocal exclamations: ‘Let go and let me go and let me go and shake it!’. The rhythm is carefully programmed – layered to add flavour and heft so that there’s proper dynamic development throughout. And the choice of bell sounds and chimes (which are so tremendously 80s you can almost smell the hair gel) have some portamento applied to them courtesy of some judicious use of the pitchwheel. Repeat listens reveal a thoughtful episodic structure lashed together with a chugging 80s heart, which allows modern yet dramatic vocals to flutter and shimmer high above. It’s fun, and also comes across as strangely sincere in its unabashed openness and primary-colour aesthetic.” - Chris Porter

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February 18, 2020. I have to admit I never heard of Joe Pagano before his single “Take Me.” Apparently he released an Americana/alt-country album a couple years back. “Take Me” is not Americana/alt-country by any stretch of the imagination. The song is a fairly straightforward electronic song that you could imagine being played in a nightclub. It starts with a 4/4 beat and synth bass line and other synths follow that same pattern. The crescendo here is essentially his vocals where he sings, “Let me go and shake it.” There is a more clear ’80s vibe when the verse comes. I liked the vocals on the verse where he sounds a little more relaxed and chill. He finds his range here and all the elements sound very digital yet ethereal and airy. The vocal hook is catchy but the melody made by around the two -minute-and-thirty-second point might be just as catchy. As the song progresses it goes back into the initial build the song started with. This is a song that has the criteria that you would probably want if you wanted to dance. The 4/4 time signature is exact and mechanical like a lot of electronic music. There is a definitely a trance-like groove that comes with that. ​On top of that the airy and ethereal qualities make the song feel relaxing as well. So you could say the song drives but really doesn’t feel aggressive or angry. It’s more joyous and uplifting not all that far away from a track you might hear from Daft Punk. The song “Digital Love” comes to mind. One thing I didn’t mention is that this is the genre of music that Pagano started making initially. It’s obvious he had some success with this genre because this song demonstrates his sense of aesthetics. I’d say this a dance worthy club track that fans from the ’80s club hits to today will be able to appreciate.” - Jamie Funk


Feb. 14, 2020. Joseph Pagano – Take Me Single Review: A Blast from the Past. Nostalgia holds a firm foothold into today’s culture. Shows such as Stranger Things and movies such as It harken to a time before today. Joseph Pagano has taken the signs as an opportunity to foster his single Take Me, an inspired 80’s love letter that has will feel like you stepped into a time machine. From the top, the track makes no qualms with what it sets out to be. The reverb-laced synths that deepen against wild and colorful vocals dominate the intro. When the track mellows out, the beat will place you into the 80’s itself. The track is evocative of everything that reminds you of a hit from the time and the deep, electro bass beat always molds itself to the mood of the track. The sounds around it never compromise its club aesthetic and the track feels like it just keeps giving the longer it goes. The vocal performance is eclectic and dynamic. From the wild yells of “Let me go and shake it!” To the smooth verses laced throughout the track, the range and inspiration is clear from the first listen. You will be hard-pressed not to sing along during the catchy chorus performances. All of these elements combined create an authentic feel of a hit track from the time, which pulls you right into its charm. Joseph Pagano has succeeded in evoking the retro ’80s spirit. Take Me is an insanely fun track that will make you want to get up and dance, or at least keep your shoulders moving in your seat. It is a track you can get lost in, as its electro-synth instrumentals constantly bring it to life with an undeniable charm. This time machine of a track will definitely have a spot on your playlist.” - Thorne Stone

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Feb. 13, 2020. JOSEPH PAGANO RELEASES VIBRANT EDM SINGLE – ‘TAKE ME’. Jersey-based singer-songwriter Joseph Pagano released a new single, entitled “Take Me,” a short while ago. On “Take Me,” Pagano flips a U-turn. Rather than continuing with the electrifying sound – a blend of alt-rock, Americana, and roots country – generated on his breakthrough EPs, Graveyard of Dreams and Time and Colors, he returns to his ‘80s dance/EDM roots. Explaining, Pagano says, “It’s fun to experiment with genres. What I learned from the 22 show tour I did supporting the first two EPs was that the songs created a new dynamic when played live, to the point where I was creating live versions with the band to capture the audience and played with arrangements that made me wonder if I had recorded the songs too soon. I wrote another song about Las Vegas with a strong guitar riff and one of my collaborators, Mike Hook took it and made a great country song out of it. In my world, you never know how a song will reach its full potential.” According to Pagano, the genesis of “Take Me” occurred by happenstance. He was playing around with his recording equipment, using a looped guitar riff he wrote, when he stumbled upon a hypnotic trance pattern, to which he added trippy lyrics. “Though I’m excited to release it as a single,” Pagano says, “I consider this a point in time version of the song, and I might do a rock version of ‘Take Me,’ as originally conceived, down the line. What’s ironic is that I felt my voice was so dry it created what I thought was a terrible take. When I played it the next day, it had a natural stutter effect, so I’m glad I didn’t delete that track. That’s a lesson in itself – never delete a take as you may soon come to love your mistake!” “Take Me” opens on oozing, droning synths riding tight crisp percussion. Spacy sparkling accents infuse the tune with ‘80s psychedelic colors, as the synths run on groaning tones, followed by luminous chiming textures. Pagano’s voice, inflected by classic EDM timbres from the ‘80s, imbues the lyrics with smooth dulcet tones, alternating from cashmere melodicism to edgy flavors. “Looking for another way to a fresh start / I don't mind you coming here / Even though I’m a little scared / Looking for another way to your heart / Looking for another way to come out / Looking for another way to avoid self-doubt / I really dig your purple hair / And I don’t mind that people stare.” Listening to “Take Me” is analogous to entering Back To The Future’s DeLorean and being transported to the heady days of yesteryear.” - Randy Radic

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Feb. 13, 2020. Single: ‘Take Me’ Paying homage to their roots, while also experimenting with new elements, is a vital aspect in musicians’ quest for continued success. New Jersey-based singer-songwriter, Joesph Pagano, proves he has the natural ability to do just that with his latest single, ‘Take Me.’ The EDM-dance song comes a few years after the release of his Americana-alt-rock breakthrough EPs ‘Graveyard of Dreams’ and ‘Time and Colors.’ The new track is his epic return to his roots, as it interweaves its classic 80’s vibe with an infectious beat and meaningful lyrics. While the eclectic singer has moved away from his previous country vibe with the release of his new EDM-dance tune, his latest single still proves that he’s an indie force to be reckoned with on the airwaves. ‘Take Me,’ which is as wild and whimsical as anything he’s ever recorded, fearlessly takes his listeners back to his 80’s EDM-dance roots with a hypnotic, synth-happy appeal. Led by a compelling guitar riff and stunning drums that support his trippy, colorful and abstract lyrics, ‘Take Me’ is Pagano’s first dance song since he played the lead guitar on the track ‘Cecelia’ by indie group N-Kuntrol in 1985. Along with a pulsating beat and synth bass, the musician fearlessly offered his listeners a glimpse into his earlier musical history, and appreciation of the EDM and dance genres. ‘Take Me’ marks Pagano’s stunning and gripping return to the EDM and dance genres, after he found success with his recent Americana-alt-rock tunes. Led by pulsating instrumentation, the singer’s lively, animated and vibrant vocals truly echo his lyrics that people can truly fall in love while making a fresh start. He inspirationally inspires his listeners to follow their hearts, even if they’re a little scared. The unique mix of nostalgic ’80s instrumentation, along with moments of the singer’s modern vocals, lyrics and high quality production value, make ‘Take Me’ a standout dance club anthem.” - Karen Benardello

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      This is a song that appears to have the raw energy of punk rock but with the easy going realness of acoustic folk. The presentation is acoustic for the most part, it’s an organic sound that generally comes across as part of a live show. It’s a well performed piece with a great sound that fills the room with a beautifully joyful vibe, despite the somewhat negative imagery presented in some of the lines – something that simply makes for a more memorable story line, and actually comes across as more of a laid back set of references than a deep concern.   The melody of the track is a familiar one, the classic country rock structure is immediately recognisable, though the songwriter’s approach to storytelling has that personal stamp all over it and really makes for a fresh bit of energy. The lyrics are unique and interesting, thought provoking yet simplistic – easy to memorise and get into. Without a doubt, the song leaves you echoing its melody long after the music has stopped, that blues rock meets country twang is infectious and always brings about a good mood.   The rhythm of the piece is addictive and uplifting in every way, the leading vocal performance has the grit and realness required to make the whole thing believable, to make it really sink in. As mentioned, a live show is a must – you can feel the energy of the performance by just listening through speakers; on the other side of the world, no less. Even just a solo acoustic performance would bring about the strength of the song and the passion embedded within it. Joseph Pagano’s voice and overall style are consistently enjoyable, and fortunately he has a notable catalogue of songs to his name for new listeners to get involved with.   Listen to the song via Reverbnation. Find and follow Joseph Pagano on FacebookTwitter & Instagram. Tags: Blues RockCountryFolk RockSongwriterJoseph PaganoNew Jersey, USA ” - Rebecca Cullen

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Finally, from New York comes the latest from singer/songwriter Joseph Pagano. His new single "More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell)" is his first new music in 2 years. It combines the songwriting elements of folk with the high energy of punk to create this undeniably addictive single. To find out more about Joseph Pagano and his music, please visit” - JP's Music Blog

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JOSEPH PAGANO KEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE Keith Pro Review Alt-country americana Joseph pagano More Friendo in Heaven   Making music is a lifelong passion.  Even when life goes in different directions, the passion for creating your own personal sound never disappears.  So when the bug bites just get up and do it.  Whether the song is just for you or the whole world to hear doesn’t matter.  What matters is pursuing your musical passion.  New discovery Joseph Pagano is still living the dream and making music for all of us as well as himself.   The songwriter and guitarist hails from the classic heartland rock capital of New Jersey.  Joseph Pagano has been involved in the scene since his teenage years.  In fact, he played the guitar solo on N-Kuntrol’s 1985 dance hit single “Cecelia”.  He was in and out of some of the essential NJ bands of the time including Profile, Junior’s Farm, and Straight Shoot’r.     The Music of Joseph Pagano Is Alive And Well After taking much too long a time away from his musical dream to pursue a career in software, Joseph Pagano is back at it pouring out new music for the past few years and living the elder statesman rock star life.  2015 saw the release of two records, Graveyard Of Dreams and Time And Colors.  This new prolific musical output and the admiration of fans and critics has pushed him to continue writing songs and sharing them with this growing fanbase.   The latest one to really connect is “More Friends In Heaven (Than In Hell).”  The Americana and folk-based track shows a songwriting skill in Joseph Pagano that cannot be denied.  He brought in some local talent as well in Craig Bleifer, Gary Evans, and Rich Giancamilli to fill out the sound and make for a raucous tone where everyone is welcome to the party.     There is an alt-country feel to the song as well which draws in even more fans and comparisons.  The fun guitar playing will have every listener ready to get up and dance along.   You can dive in and hear more from Joseph Pagano on his REVERBNATION page. ” - Keith Pro

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