I had the chance to listen to the pre-release of Meresha's new EP Enter The Dreamland!  Billboard recently named Meresha the #6 artist emerging globally and in listening to this new record I can see why!  The title track Enter The Dreamland is infectious with a dreamy airiness about it reminiscent of the best works of Enigma but with the unique and original sound that Meresha delivers.


There are big sounding beats that will be sure to pulse the dance floor.  Perfect harmonies spread a vast vocal canvas.  The organic sound combined with worldly rhythms across the EP makes for a new sound in the industry.


Stardust continues the big sound of this record with increasing energy as the song progresses.  The subsonic bass drives the song throughout. Jungle Potion has a silky and breathy vocal with powerful horn riffs, hinting of the Miami Sound Machine.  Violet Night brings on more worldly sound with Arabian-like vocal riffs that have a high level of difficulty but Meresha belts them out effortlessly.  The half-time beat adds nice variety and the choir harmonies are layered intricately.  On the final track Lights Out I love the change in rhythm and the strong groove.  The kick drum is like a heart beat and the slow down tempo section gives the song a live feel.


I highly recommend the EP and expect to see this record find its well deserved place on the Billboard charts.


Check out Meresha at http://Meresha.com and at http://twitter.com/mereshas


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