Grammy Awards 2017

We are fresh back from the 2017 Grammy Awards event in Los Angeles!  What a great time we had, so much talent in one space.  It was an honor to attend the Grammys this year with my daughter and Creative Director Julia and it was my first year attending as a voting member of the Grammys Recording Academy.


I am starting to frame songs for the next EP and cut some demos which you will see in the links below.  Namely, More Friends In Heaven Than In Hell (a last minute write after a 4 hour Bruce Springsteen concert to fill in a live set the next day) and I Hate The F&&n News (inspired by the recent election cycle in the US) where the news often became unreadable and unwatchable!  We will record multiple versions of the new tunes, some with the full band and add the songs to our live show once we figure a live performance plan for 2017+.


Check out the demo tunes and also be sure to connect on Facebook to check out the Grammy photo album here: and like the Facebook band page here:


Thanks for listening and for all the great support!



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